Mother yeast: slow natural leavening

Francesco fell in love with desserts made with mother yeast when he was a young boy – he was the first of us to get his hands into the pie. The magic of that piece of raw dough that, when set aside, grew as it filled with air pockets. Each time promising the natural leavening of new delights. And what a perfume that would fill the kitchen! The same that fills our bakery.

Today we know that mother yeast, also known as mother dough, sourdough or natural yeast, is lighter and easier to digest. Our desserts are made with the same mother yeast used in our first experiments in the kitchen. It has been refreshed year after year with water and flour, as tradition demands. It continues to be the source of homemade specialties, removed from the oven after hours and hours of warmth, passion, labour and natural leavening, all tried and tested.