Infermentum’s Products

Our handmade desserts bring a pinch of personal taste and our very own mother yeast to traditional recipes. We use only quality ingredients, researched and selected with care, adding no aromas, colouring agents, preservatives or chemical emulsifiers as we have no need for them. Our selected candied fruits are made exclusively with water and sugar, according to the best French tradition. This guarantees freshness and natural conservation.

Infermentum is introducing a new line of cookies.
Our yeast free cookies are made with the same attentive selection of ingredients to bring you tasteful treats for a sweet time-out.


a ring cake, enriched by candied apricots and Infermentum’s handmade amaretti.

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Il Panettone Tradizionale

with organic raisins, candied oranges and Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.

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Il Panettone Fichi Mele e Noci

sweetened by figs, apples and walnuts, the traditional fruits found on a table in Verona during the winter.

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Il Panettone ai Tre Cioccolati

with scents of orange, filled with pearls of milk, white and dark chocolate.

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Colombella Tradizionale

with a fluffy centre and balanced flavour of bitter almonds and the sweet purity of candied oranges.

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Colombella ai Tre Cioccolati

perfumes of orange, filled with milk, white and dark chocolate.

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Il Dolce Zenzero e Limone

with candied lemon and ginger, covered with an almond chip and sugar glaze.

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La Torta di Rose

Infermentum’s interpretation of this delicacy is rich with flavours of orange and vanilla, to be warmed in the oven before tasting.

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Il Dolce Quattrogusti

divided into four sections, with a different filling of pearls of dark chocolate, sour black cherries, apricots and marron glacés.

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Il Panbrillo

a few drops of white straw wine and an enticing topping of hazelnut chips.

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Our cookies

Yeast free cookies fresh from our bakery!

Shortbread Cookies

a nutritious and mouth-watering homage to the most traditional of ingredients: flour, butter, sugar and eggs.

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Chocolate Cookies

with cocoa in the dough, enriched with pearls of dark chocolate, they are crunchy and soft.

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The Sbrisolotti

with a plethora of almonds, inspired by the Sbrisolona of Mantua, though undoubtedly moister.

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