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Il Panettone Tradizionale. With candied orange and raisins. Net weight: 1000g. € 28,00 each
Il Panettone Fichi mele noci. With dried figs, candied apples and walnuts. Net weight: 1000g. € 30,00 each
Il Panettone ai tre cioccolati. With milk, white and bitter chocolate. Net weight: 1000g. € 28,00 each
The Panbrillo. With raisins left to soak in raisin wine. Net weight: 750g. € 24,00 each
The Dolce Quattrogusti. Each quarter has a flavour: apricot, sour cherry, chestnut, chocolate. Net weight: 1000g. € 31,00 each
The Torta di rose. With vanilla and candied orange paste. Net weight: 650g. € 20,00 each
Our handmade biscuits can be ordered in packages of 4-8-12 small bags, in your own personal mix of flavours.
I Biscotti Sbrisolotti. Almond-rich large biscuits. Net Weight: 250g. € 8,50 each
I Biscotti al cioccolato. Cocoa dough filled with chips of dark chocolate. Net Weight: 250g. € 8,50 each
I Biscotti Frollini. A nutritious and indulgent homage to the most traditional ingredients. Net Weight: 250g. € 8,50 each
I Biscotti Arancia e Nocciola, with spelt, hazelnuts and orange essential oil. Net Weight: 250g. € 8,50 each
I Biscotti Muscovado e Cannella. A decisive cinnamon flavour and the liquorice notes of muscovado sugar. Net Weight: 250g. € 8,50 each
I Biscotti al limone. A light and flaky egg-free biscuit with cold pressed lemon essential oil. Net Weight: 250g. € 8,50 each
I Biscotti Gocciolato. A flaky pastry filled with soft chocolate chips. Net Weight: 250g. € 8,50 each

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