We are Infermentum. Forever with our fingers in the pie!

Our homemade, delicious smelling and easy to digest desserts are made using only mother yeast.
How did we get to be so good? We transformed our passion for pre-ferment yeasts into a craft industry, founded on a dash of enthusiasm and a great deal of humility: none of us had ever been in a bakery before.

We hand select recipes for traditional desserts and then introduce our own personal twist. We prefer soft, tasty and simple dough mixtures. They recall Sundays spent in the kitchen when we were young. We hope they are a source of the same warm memories for those who taste them, offering the perfect complement to moments spent with family and friends.

Our mother yeast desserts are all about the ingredients:

  • of the highest quality, they already give off an aromatic bouquet – this is why our products are free of any added aromas
  • natural, so that the most curious will discover how the small black dots in the dough are actually vanilla seeds – this is why our products are free of any colouring agents
  • rigorously fresh, to be enjoyed in all of their goodness – this is why our products are free of preservatives