Everything at Infermentum is Made by Hand

Our artisan bakery is founded on the conviction that there is no substitute for the precision of the senses. A precision to be cared for and stimulated. We care for details and live in harmony with our ingredients. We understand variability, how it slightly alters our products and the need to maintain the highest quality. We use few machines and limited automation, only to simplify a few steps. Our method remains human. It requires just the right amount of time.

Products Made by Hand. The Ideal Way to Grow While Staying Small

The right amount of time is the secret ingredient at Infermentum. This helps us grow while staying small. It allows us to create tasty, fresh and genuine deserts that are naturally conserved and filled with the “taste of home”.

The right amount of time is also necessary for establishing personal relationships with collaborators and suppliers and developing friendly relations with fans of Infermentum. This is how we respect the elevated standards of quality we have set for ourselves, in some cases actually limiting production. Everything has to be perfect. No questions asked.