Il Monte Nuvola

Freely inspired by the Pandoro, the Monte Nuvola is a fine, light and fluffy cake resulting from 42 hours of natural leavening and kneading. Ingredients are added gradually and only at just the right moment for each one. This leavened cake for a white Christmas is a hymn to the family, to childhood and carefree play. The same light-heartedness that some of the founders of Infermentum shared as children, far from home, in a field fragrant with the scent of winter snow, atop Monte Nuvola above the hills around Verona. Dust with powdered sugar for an ideal taste experience.

Availability: Christmas holidays

Net Weight: 850 g


‘00’ soft wheat flour, butter, sugar, pasteurized eggs, fresh cream, natural mother yeast (‘00’ soft wheat flour, water), white chocolate (cocoa butter, powdered whole milk, sugar, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract), Marsala wine (contains sulfites), acacia honey, salt, brewer’s yeast, Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.

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