Il Biscotto Sbrisolotto

Homemade Cookies Il Biscotto Sbrisolotto

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The Sbrisolona cake from the Italian city of Mantua is a recognised masterpiece. We created our Biscotto Sbrisolotto Infermentum in its honour using the same ingredients: a shower of almonds. The format? Ours are very large cookies, for true gourmands.
They make an ideal gift. 

Il Biscotto Sbrisolotto



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Product information


‘00’ soft wheat flour, butter, sugar, almonds, corn flour, whole pasteurised eggs, salt, leavening agents (sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate), Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.


Contains: gluten, lactose, almonds, eggs. Produced in an environment that handles nuts and milk derivatives.


Store in a cool dry environment far from sources of heat.

Average nutritional values per 100 g


1980 kJ - 474 kcal

Total Fat
Saturated Fat

29.3 g
15.7 g

Total Carbohydrates

46.9 g


20.6 g


7.1 g


0.12 g

Net Weight 250 gr

Packaging Paper sack 20 x 6 x H 18 cm

Il Biscotto Sbrisolotto

Homemade Cookies

Is there anything better than the right cookie at the right moment?
With a cup of tea, coffee, on its own or with a glass of milk, at breakfast or for an indulgent pause…
there is always a reason to satisfy a small craving. 
Our cookies embody Infermentum’s principles: select ingredients and an artisanal approach, worthy of true gourmands. 
You won’t be able to live without them.