Il Panettone Fichi Mele e Noci

Leavened Desserts Il Panettone Fichi Mele e Noci

Our tribute to Verona, the birthplace of Infermentum and its hearty winter tables. Our interpretation of tradition is filled with figs, apples and walnuts and raisin-free. The softness of figs and sweetness of apples encounter the crunchiness of walnuts in a rustic flavour experience. Our iconic and most beloved desert.

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Il Panettone Fichi Mele e Noci



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Cake: ‘00’ soft wheat flour, butter, pasteurized fresh egg yolks, sugar, dried figs (figs, water, sulphur dioxide, potassium sorbate) (8%), candied apples (8%),  natural mother yeast (‘00’ soft wheat flour, water), walnuts (5%), acacia honey, candied orange paste, powdered milk, salt, Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.
Topping: sugar, hazelnut chips, pasteurized fresh egg whites.


Contains: gluten, lactose, eggs, walnuts, hazelnuts. Produced in an environment that handles nuts and milk derivatives.


Store in a cool dry environment far from sources of heat.All our candied fruits are made using only water and sugar, accordingto the French method, guaranteeing freshness and favouring natural conservation.

Average nutritional values per 100 g


1568 kJ - 374 kcal

Total Fat
Saturated Fat

18.8 g
9.8 g

Total Carbohydrates

44.1 g


21.0 g


7.0 g


0.15 g

Net Weight 1 Kg

Packaging Paper sack 34 x 15 x H 34 cm

Il Panettone Fichi Mele e Noci

Leavened Desserts

Our artisanal desserts blend a dash of personal taste with our mother yeast.
We use only quality ingredients, researched and selected with care.
We add no aromas, colouring agents, preservatives or chemical emulsions because they are simply not for us.
We candy our fruits using only water and sugar according to the French method, which guarantees freshness and natural conservation.