Dolce Quattrogusti is Back

11 September 2020 Dolce Quattrogusti is Back

Infermentum’s richest desert finally returns to sweeten your happiest moments with its four different fillings, all just waiting to be shared.

The Dolce Quattrogusti is a fluffy leavened desert divided into four parts. Each surprises the palate with its four different dough mixtures,
each with its own specific filling:

- Pearls of dark chocolate
- Sour Cherries
- Apricots
- Chestnuts

Each fruit is candied using the French method. This guarantees freshness and favours natural conservation.

Already familiar with the joy of sharing our Dolce Quattrogusti? Such a simple gesture that can make so many people happy!

You can experience our Dolce Quattrogusti in many of our retailers participating in the tasting on September 26.

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