Leavened Cookies Who we are

Welcome to our world.

Infermentum, sweets by instinct.

Our passion became our profession.
We were born sweet on the inside.

Our story. A waking dream,
filled with smiles and in which
our hands are always in the dough.

Every day our ovens bake dreams. Aromatic, extra sweet and fragrant.
This is Infermentum: a story of young and ambitious people who trusted their instinct and transformed their passion for leavened pastries into an artisanal activity.
With immense enthusiasm, a willingness to take risks and a pinch of folly:
the secret recipe for something true and genuine.

Engineering and marketing, an amazing recipe! Our secret ingredient: a long-standing friendship.

There are times when you have to go with your instinct and believe in your dreams, even when life seems to have taken a completely different turn.

This is what happened to us, Francesco, Elisa, Daniele and Luca: four friends who leapt feet first into the world of pastries, almost for fun, with the aspiration to transform the joy of sharing into something special and to make the world a better place than it was before.

We created Infermentum to make homemade desserts.

Products that are good and authentic and that bring joy into everyone’s home.

In our work we use our hands and hearts, with our heads and authenticity.

Now, the three business partners Elisa, Francesco and Luca lead with passion and encouragement a close-knit team that mixes passion, the pleasure of sharing and mutual trust.

Il mondo Infermentum

Homemade products
for growing while remaining small.

In our artisanal laboratory we share a single conviction: the impossibility of substituting the precision of the senses.
A precision that must be cared for and stimulated. This is why we care for even the smallest detail.
We live in harmony with our ingredients, we understand that subtle variations can create ever so slightly different products that must maintain a level of superior quality.
Equipment and automation? We keep them to a minimum, to simplify a few steps. Our method remains human.
It demands the right amount of time.


Raw materials, the heart of everything.

Raw materials, the heart of everything.

We pursue flavour, which we find in simple and fresh ingredients preserved in the most natural way. We seek only the best and this is what we put into our deserts. The result? Unique, unmistakable and authentic flavour. 

The necessary amount of time.

The necessary amount of time.

A homemade desert is a masterpiece composed of gestures and waiting, of choices guided by experience. This is Infermentum: quality without compromise that guarantees well made products, even at the cost of one less batch. 

Our hands are always in the dough.

Our hands are always in the dough.

We are an artisanal laboratory. We taste, knead and create. Obviously, we use some mechanical equipment, but at the service of flavour, creativity and quality. We are proud of our deserts because they are made by people looking to make other people happy. You. 

From early experiments to the present.Mother Yeast.

There is a place in our laboratory where something magical has been taking place every day for years. Francesco – the first of us to put his hands in the dough and fall in love with leavened deserts – lovingly nurtures the mother yeast responsible for all of our deserts. He refreshes it with water and flour, as tradition demands, with dedication and respect. 

Today’s mother yeast, also known as sourdough, is the same used in our first experiments in the kitchen.

It is a living material with its own character. Over the years it has delighted us with surprises and emotions. 

We learned to get to know each other. Together we create artisanal specialties, pulled from the oven after hours and hours of warmth, passion, tried and tested practices and natural leavening. All without forgetting our experiments with new combinations and flavours, in a never-ending game of passion and research. 

If you're good inside,
it shows on the outside.

Infermentum, sweets by instinct

Homemade Cookies