Let’s celebrate shared happiness

19 January 2021 Let’s celebrate shared happiness

The Rose Cake is the symbol of Infermentum’s values: we came up with the idea and created it with love for celebrating moments of shared happiness.

We dedicate our Rose Cake to you, loving customers, who love and respect essentiality and simplicity of hand-crafted production .

We dedicate it to children going to school, to athletes that workout with energy, to very busy people that decide just to take a moment for themselves.

We dedicate it to all families reunited in convivial moments, to grandparents that want to offer a product as good as they do and to all greedy gourmets looking for a slow sensation that tastes of home.

Enjoy this cake with a good company, as small or big as it is, while simply celebrating the beauty of friendship.

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19 January 2021

The Rose Cake: a cuddle for special Mothers

The Rose Cake is our ode to beauty and simplicity of moments shared with the family, friends and it is also a delicious cuddle to give for Mother’s day.

19 January 2021

Our last News 2021: the Infermentum Bauletti

A soft, versatile and very tasty product, but at the same time simple and familiar. It can't wait to show off his personality on many occasions, satisfying every taste: discover the three variants!

19 January 2021

Le Colombelle Infermentum

A big success since their launch: our Colombelle have conquered many customers and the palates of numerous judges of national competitions in which we  have participated over the years. Have you ever tasted them?