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The Rose Cake: a cuddle for special Mothers

28 April 2023 The Rose Cake: a cuddle for special Mothers

The Rose Cake is our ode to beauty and simplicity of moments shared with the family, friends and it is also a delicious cuddle to give for Mother’s day.

We love genuine breakfast at our grandparents’ home, where everything smells good; a sweet snack shared with a friend at school; the regenerating power of a break at work or from our daily busy days/appointments.

The Rose Cake is our interpretation of those moments lived in family, with friends full of laughs, food and games. A dessert that tastes of authenticity and home cooking.

May, 14th is the Mother’s day, if you would like to give a fluffy present with that smell of good you can order the Rose Cake on our website or in the shop.

Our Rose Cakes will be available in some Infermentum retailers, ambassadors of the best and most authentic Italian culinary products.

Find here the shop closest to you here in Italy.

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28 April 2023

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Every day, Infermentum's ovens bring to life dreams: aromatic, irresistibly sweet, and fragrant.

28 April 2023

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Infermentum is not just an artisanal laboratory: it is a special project created to churn out sweet delights that can bring a little happiness to anyone who tastes them.

28 April 2023

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