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06 October 2023 They talk about us:

Infermentum is not just an artisanal laboratory: it is a special project created to churn out sweet delights that can bring a little happiness to anyone who tastes them!

We are young and ambitious people who have transformed our passion for pastry making into an engaging and genuine artisanal activity.

The appreciation of various newspapers has filled us with pride and encourages us to always improve: find out what they have written about our brand and consult the list of awards that our artisanal desserts have received.

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The latest

06 October 2023

The cream for the Roses Cake

If you want to surprise your mom with an unforgettable dessert, you can combine the fluffiness of our Roses Cake with an enveloping Orange-scented Cream, to be made right at home.

06 October 2023

Should the artisanal Colomba be heated in the oven?

We recommend not heating the Colomba in the oven. Colomba is a fresher and lighter cake than other artisan leavened products and, if stored properly, is already perfect to be enjoyed at room temperature.

06 October 2023

Q & A with Infermentum

Every day, Infermentum's ovens bring to life dreams: aromatic, irresistibly sweet, and fragrant.