Le Colombelle Infermentum

09 March 2021 Le Colombelle Infermentum

A big success since their launch: our Colombelle have conquered many customers and the palates of numerous judges of national competitions in which we  have participated over the years. Have you ever tasted them?

Our Traditional Colombella has a naturally leavened dough that surprises for its embracing balance of flavours, ranging from bitter almonds to sweet candied oranges. Its delicate fluffiness and its fragrant perfume unleash an experience that simply has to be shared

The Three chocolates Colombella is without a doubt the sweetest Easter dessert, truly irresistible for chocolate lovers. The dough leavens naturally, hour after hour, into a fluffy delight filled with milk, white and dark chocolate, enveloped in the scents of orange and Amaretto. The Colombella is topped by an inviting glaze, enriched by a generous quantity of exquisite cocoa powder. Not to be missed.

If you want a delivery for Easter, we recommend you to choose the shipping date within March 29th.

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