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Five Years of Infermentum

11 May 2020 Five Years of Infermentum

In 2014 we started something: we chose a logo, published a website and sold our first panettone. In 2015, already in love with Infermentum, we decided to get real and officially found the company: we put ourselves out there. We were excited, determined and unaware that events would unfold so quickly.

Five years ago we read our first messages of encouragement, met our first clients, received our first suggestions and made our first experiments. Five years has passed since: we have grown, we hired fifteen people, we learned to produce more products… but the magic is always the same. The same drive, the same enthusiasm, the same immense desire to create something that leaves a mark and becomes an experience shared with those accompanying us on this journey, bite after bite.

We are still Elisa, Francesco, Daniele and Luca, four friends who followed their instincts to create a company founded on genuine values, elected with care, tenacity and heart. We transferred our why to the young people who share this same dream, working with us day after day, always with a smile. We also convey it to our clients who choose us for the goodness not only of our deserts.

Together with you these five years have passed so quickly: laughing, learning, sharing, tasting and dreaming.

Today we celebrate by saying thank you: thank you to each and every one of our clients, to all of our consultants, to each of our retailers, all of our suppliers and collaborators, to our families and everyone who has supported us during this exciting phase.

We are proud of the goals we have reached and have so many projects for the future. Thank you for continuing to believe in us.

The latest

11 May 2020

The cream for the Roses Cake

If you want to surprise your mom with an unforgettable dessert, you can combine the fluffiness of our Roses Cake with an enveloping Orange-scented Cream, to be made right at home.

11 May 2020

Should the artisanal Colomba be heated in the oven?

We recommend not heating the Colomba in the oven. Colomba is a fresher and lighter cake than other artisan leavened products and, if stored properly, is already perfect to be enjoyed at room temperature.

11 May 2020

Q & A with Infermentum

Every day, Infermentum's ovens bring to life dreams: aromatic, irresistibly sweet, and fragrant.