Our last News 2021: the Infermentum Bauletti

19 April 2021 Our last News 2021: the Infermentum Bauletti

For each of your delicious breakfast or snacks, our brand new and extremely soft Bauletti will bring joy to the table!
The Bauletto is our novelty for 2021: a soft, versatile and very tasty product, but at the same time simple and familiar. He can't wait to show off his personality on many occasions, satisfying every taste: discover the three variants!

Bauletto Gianduia is an authentic cuddle. Inside it hides a delicious treasure: gianduia chocolate drops harmoniously integrated into the dough and melted inside. We welcome one of our three soft Bauletti in the company of our quality leavened products!

Among our new Bauletti, the Apricot Bauletto intensely celebrates the authentic taste of fruit. A leavened product that has the scent of home: this dessert is a star of everyday life, a faithful companion for breakfasts and snacks, as well as a treasure chest full of candied apricots, ready to surprise even the sweet tooth!

The sweetness of white chocolate and the intensity of coffee go well together, even more so if their delightful meeting is in one of our new Bauletti: the White Chocolate and Coffee Bauletto. If you love to be surprised with taste during your gourmet breaks, this sweet union of flavors will be a joy for the palate!

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19 April 2021

The Rose Cake: a cuddle for special Mothers

The Rose Cake is our ode to beauty and simplicity of moments shared with the family, friends and it is also a delicious cuddle to give for Mother’s day.

19 April 2021

Le Colombelle Infermentum

A big success since their launch: our Colombelle have conquered many customers and the palates of numerous judges of national competitions in which we  have participated over the years. Have you ever tasted them?

19 April 2021

Fresh fragrance in the Lab

With the arrival of the first sunny days, which make us think of the summer, snacks on the terrace and the first trips out of town, in the Lab the scent of our sweets of the summer is released: the Dolce Zenzero and Limone and the Amarbico.