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Should the artisanal Colomba be heated in the oven?

20 February 2024 Should the artisanal Colomba be heated in the oven?

We recommend not heating the Colomba in the oven.
Colomba is a fresher and lighter cake than other artisan leavened products and, if stored properly, is already perfect to be enjoyed at room temperature.

Tips for storing Colomba
The artisan Colomba Infermentum is a leavened cake without chemical preservatives that, if stored with some care, gives great satisfaction. The icing on this cake makes it delicate and, after purchase, we recommend storing it in a cool, dry place away from heat sources. Before tasting the cake, we suggest you move it to a warmer place for a few hours to acclimatise it (the mild temperature of the living room is perfect).

Should the artisanal Colomba be heated in the oven?
We like to eat artisan Colomba at room temperature. The cake is soft and cool, and if you grab a slice and try to pull it off vertically from the top, you can see how it flakes. By not heating the cake, moreover, the icing will be consistent and, above all, will smell of amaretto.

What to do if you prefer to consume the Colomba warm
If you prefer to taste the Colomba Infermentum warmed up...do well! Some of our customers like to soften the dough even further by heating the dove in the oven for 10 minutes... who are we to interfere in this traditional greedy ritual? We are happy when our cakes generate a moment of well-being so keep it up and enjoy your Infermentum cake the way you love it!

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